"Taiwan independence godmother" to visit the mainland asked the Taiwan Affairs Office to do the response

Spokesman An Fengshan on the Taiwan Tourism Association president to the mainland to ask for a visit
On February 22, the State Council of the People's Republic of China held a regular press conference on 22nd, and the spokesman, An Fengshan, responded to the request of the president of the Taiwan Tourism Association to visit the mainland. A reporter asked, the new president of Taiwan Tourism Association Ye Weilan 13 had to the mainland sea brigade Taipei office made a request to visit, and said that if you have the opportunity, she is willing to visit the mainland, but has not yet received a reply. Yeju Lan that this may be related to her personal party tendencies, how does the speaker comment? Spokesman An Fengshan said that we all know that the sea brigade is a cross-strait tourism and cross-strait tourists to provide services to a private sector service associations, we believe that the business thing, the Taipei office to handle their own good. I would like to emphasize that the two sides belong to one China, and we adhere to the one-China principle and oppose the stand of "Taiwan independence" split is consistent and clear.

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